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"Recently I heard about Dr. Shanna and wanted to try to see what she could do for me. It was recommended by my medical doctor that I get surgery for a neck issue. Dr. Shanna's treatments have been successful, and my neck is feeling better and better without surgery! In my book, she is awesome and you would be really glad you went to see what she can do for you!" - Daryl


 "I came in with low back pain with discomfort into my leg and headaches. Since starting at Natural Family Chiropractic I am able to do a lot more. My appetite has decreased and as a result my sugar levels are more consistent. My sleep has also improved and I am actually sleeping through the night. The pain in my low back and discomfort into my leg is gone. Headaches are also under control and I only get them occasionally now. I am able to walk a lot farther than I use to and get to do more things with my grandchildren. It is easier to ride my motorcycle and ride in the car without having to stop as frequently. Because I feel better physically it has changed my outlook on life and made me feel better about myself. I recommend Dr. Shanna to anyone who has any issues because she has improved my lifestyle. I have tried other chiropractors and have not gotten the long term relief like I have here." - Mitch


"I would like to thank Shanna and her chiropractic care!  I have an eight week old infant that has been having major issues with constipation since day one and he is strictly breastfed and needed assistance every time to have a BM.  So I decided to bring him in to get adjusted to see if that would help and one day later he had a BM with no assistance!  He use to grunt, cry, and strain all day and night and that has almost completely diminished.
He also got very irritable after feedings and this too has improved significantly!  He is so much more relaxed, where beforehand he was very restless and didn't sleep well.  He even latches on for feedings now, instead of bottling feeding expressed milk.  He also doesn't arch his head back after feedings every time, which is a huge improvement.  Which is related to acid re-flux.  So with that all said, if you have an infant that is having problems and don't want to medicate I highly recommend giving chiropractic care a try!  It has been a life saver for this tired and concerned mom!"   – Amanda 


"About a year ago I was having a lot of pain in my ankle. Went to the foot doctor, had x-rays and other tests. It came back I had deteriorating tendons. Was fitted with a brace and was told I may have to wear it from now on. I was talking to Dr. Shanna Clabaugh about it and how I did not want to wear this brace. She suggested I try acupuncture. I did a series of treatments and after the treatments I no longer wear the brace, I never thought acupuncture could fix this problem but I am a true believer. I am so thankful to her for suggesting it. I would have acupuncture again. I also had pain in my knees. I was told arthritis had set in causing bone on bone when they moved. Had a shot in knee it lasted about six months and pain returned. Called Dr. Shanna Clabaugh she suggested I try acupuncture on my knee. Had a series of treatments. Knee is feeling much better, no pain when I walk. If pain returns I go for a few more sessions and pain goes away. I have not had treatments for 2 months now. Thanks Dr. Shanna life is so much better now with no pain!"   - Marcia


"I can move better and headaches are improved. I'm not as tired, sleeping a little better and not as crabby." - Betty


"I am feeling so much better since I started coming to Natural Family Chiropractic. I had hip pain, neck pain, headaches, a lot of foot pain, and numbness in my left hand with my fingers falling asleep every night. I have had 4 adjustments and my pain is so much less already! My hip is so much better and while there is some soreness following adjustment, it usually subsides by that evening or the next morning. The numbness has gotten less and less and my fingers are not falling asleep anymore at night! My feet - I came to see Dr. Shanna with a diagnosis from a medical doctor of several bone spurs on my right foot - even up onto my tibia. I also have had a lot of severe swelling of the outside right ankle around the bony knob there. After 4 treatments with Dr. Shanna the swelling has gone down considerably and my pain from walking is getting better. I am so happy because I was told that I would need an injection to get the swelling down - cortisone to help the pain. I have continued relief without that and I am looking forward to additional adjustments and continued less pain and more flexibility and health through Natural Family Chiropractic. Thank you so much!"  - Kelly


"I would like to thank Dr. Shanna for the great care she has been providing for me and my son. My son has been experiencing chronic abdominal pain for 6 months. She spent more time finding out about his history and symptoms than any other chiropractor (and some medical doctors) ever has. She spent time researching possible causes of his pain as well as the medications he was on. Dr. Shanna developed an actual treatment plan for him and has tried various techniques to try to help his pain. She has been very caring and supportive. It was through her urging and support that we tried my son on a no dairy diet. Between her treatment and the no dairy diet, my son is finally getting his life back. He is finally able to leave the house and participate in activities. Thank you Dr. Shanna for your excellent care!" - Brenda


"One night I severely sprained my ankle, to the point I had to crawl into the house. The next day I missed work due to severe pain when walking, I went to Natural Family Chiropractic and received an acupuncture treatment, adjustment and kinesio tape on my ankle. Early the next morning (morning after treatment) I could walk on it without causing extra pain and two days later my ankle was back to normal. I have never had a sprain heal so fast! Thank you Dr. Shanna." - Brian


My 10 year old daughter had been suffering from severe headaches and neck pain for a few years. She had never been to a chiropractor before until we visited Natural Family Chiropractic. I was a little scared myself to take her to a chiropractor, but I knew she needed relief. I read about Dr. Shanna Clabaugh on the internet and saw what she had to offer. After meeting with Dr. Clabaugh, my daughter felt very comfortable and less afraid. Her adjustment went well and Dr. Clabaugh was very gentle with her. I’m happy to say that my daughter has been headache free for a while now and is doing well. It was a very good choice.” - Stephanie 


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